The Jerusalem Kollel
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Ari Goldberg

Rabbi Ari Goldberg left the Jerusalem Kollel in 2006 to become Assistant Rabbi in Pittsburgh and to run NCSY there. His achievements are very inspiring:

"When I started we had 35 kids involved with NCSY and only a handful of those were public school kids. Now our list has grown to well over 65 with more than a third of those coming from public school. We have events at least twice a month and they all draw at least 30 kids. For example, we had a Latte & Learning program at Starbucks and we sponsor their coffee as an incentive! We did an explanatory Mussaf service for Rosh Hashanah followed by a lunch - more than 30 kids were there, most of whom would not have come without the added attraction.

We just got back from a major regional Shabbaton in Detroit where 38 kids came from Pittsburgh. This was a very uplifting weekend for one kid in particular. He comes from a non-observant background and knows little to nothing about Judaism. Now he puts on Tefillin every day and wants to get a pair of his own. He also learns with someone over the phone at least once a week!

Things are just warming up here in Pittsburgh. The best is yet to come!"