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Gideon Moskowitz

December 2005

Until not very long ago, a small congregation in South West Texas had organized prayers but once a week on Shabbos. Real or informative classes were rare. Then a much-needed Rabbi came to town.

Rabbi Gideon Moskovitz left The Jerusalem Kollel this summer to lead the Meyerland Minyan in Houston. Since his coming, membership is up from 30 to 70 families in just four short months. A Sunday morning minyan has sprouted which then led to a beginners Talmud class after prayers.

R’ Moskovitz leads the “Beginners Prayer Experience” to familiarize those new to the siddur every other week. His 7 part series titled Judaism 101 draws 20-30 attendees per class. Finally, to increase community awareness he offered a Kashrus Made Easy series.

The new Rabbi has already been called upon to make several kitchens kosher.

The shul currently meets in the local JCC and hopes to move to a fixed location in the very near future. Hopes are high that many newcomers will be attracted.

R’Gideon’s debut in Texas is just starting and his presence is well more than felt. Back in Jerusalem, on the Kollel campus, his absence is ever felt, having been a leading participant who authored a comprehensive review guide that is widely drawn upon by new students.

Mrs. Moskovitz has taken involvement with a budding Torah school, which in years to come is expected to be at the forefront of Jewish education in Houston.

Most impressive is how his new congregants describe him. They love his wonderful personality and his talent to do to the community what no previous Rabbi has. They consider him a highly organized leader that delivers classes of high impact while reaching out to all levels of observance. "A real diamond". They find him most approachable and open to criticism, a tribute to his amicable humility.

It was reported that to herald each class he personally phones scores of people to invite them - despite having many most willing volunteers to alleviate this task.

Congratulations to the Moskowitz family on the birth of a new son, a Texan of course. The Jerusalem Kollel wishes the Moskovitz family much luck in their most valiant efforts to build the Jewish nation.

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