Elul Classes

Targeting Underlying Motivations

The month of Elul is the easiest time for introspection. But this time around, no more rehashing what we tried to change last year and the year before. This Elul Rav Berkovits examines our 'wishful thinking patterns' that trigger our deeper motivations.

Setting My Mind for Elul

The month of Elul which falls just before the holidays is the designated time for introspection and change. Instead of rehashing all those things we tried changing last year and the year before, let's look a little closer at the underlying 'wishful thinking patterns' that motivated us, but didn't quite have enough steam to affect a change.

Elul For Your Wife

For many wives, the experience of 10 Days of Awe consists of cooking, kids and keeping house. In this two part class Rabbi Berkovits firstly explains how a responsible husband, particularly during the month of Elul, can encourage his wife to grow, and in what ways he can help lessen her burden. In the second part hear practical ways he can share his daily acquired knowledge with her especially during the first year of marriage. Learn the art of sharing life messages with the one you love the most.

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