The Teshuva Process

The Teshuva Process

There's a special energy in the Jewish month of Elul which we can tap into to improve ourselves and start the year anew.

Part 1

Rabbi Berkovits examines the concept of time through the unique lense of Jewish philosophy. Different months hold certain opportunities for growth that are not as accessible at other moments throughout the year. What power is hidden within the month of Elul that we can tap into?

Part 2

The choices we must make in life and the accountability that comes along with that can be agonizing. Is the risk of failure and punishment worth the free will? Explore the role of the human being and the independence we are given. What are we really asking for when we pray for life on Rosh Hashana?

Part 3

Often our plans for greatness seem to boomerang. What is G-d telling us when our growth seems to backfire? Rabbi Berkovits teaches us how to deal with the mundane, as well as giving straightforward guidance on how to chart a map for achieving a turnaround in areas we often stumble in.

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