The Jerusalem Kollel
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Jerusalem Kollel Alumni Serving Am Yisrael
(original or most recent position listed)

David Markowitz Managing Director of the Jewish Awareness Movement (College Outreach in S. California); Currently director of the Sleeping Giant kiruv Initiative
Aryeh Wolbe Executive Director of TORCH (The Houston Kiruv Kollel)
Shia Greineman Rav of Victoria, B.C. (in conjunction with the Seattle Kollel)
Akiva Gilbert Ohr Somayach, Johannesburg, Outdoor Jewish Experience
Gideon Moskowitz Rav of Meyerland Shul in Houston (in conjunction with the Houston Kollel)
Dovid Rose Director of Yeshivas Beit Zion, Berlin
Chanan Spivak Outreach Director for Portland Outreach Kollel
Ari Goldberg Assistant Rav of Congregation Poale Tzedek and NCSY Director, Pittsburgh
Josh Livingstone Campus Outreach, Northwestern University