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The Jerusalem Kollel

We at the Jerusalem Kollel value your friendship and support, and want to share with you some of our events and achievements over the past year... 

Latest News 
New Mussar Seder

Always at the forefront of taking responsibility, Rav Berkovits gathered the Kollel together to decide how the Kollel as a unit could “step up a gear”in response to the recent death of the Mir Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Nosson Tzvi Finkel צזוק"ל.  It was decided that the Kollel should take on a short Mussar Seder at the end of the day, with everyone sitting together, including Rav Berkovits, who sits at the front of the Beis Hamedrash learning from a Mesillas Yesharim.
“It’s a very inspiring time,” said Dovid Chunis who is in his second year in the Kollel “to sit down and contemplate what we are doing in life and where we are headed is a powerful experience!” 

Jerusalem Kollel Alumni

Rabbi Reuven Epstein and his wife Gitty also took on a heavy schedule, pursuing an active role in building up the community of New Springville in Staten Island, New York.  Having recently left the Kollel, Reuven and his wife serve as the Assistant Rabbi and Rebbetzin of the Jewish center which was founded and run by Rabbi Nate Segal.  Reuven’s role is to serve the community in any capacity that he is needed as a Rabbi. 

In his short time there, he has taught Bar Mitzvah boys, set up a Hebrew Reading Course, organized dozens of Shiva Houses, given countless shiurim and taught small groups the laws of Family Purity, a subject that he wrote a book on whilst in the Kollel.  Gitty is also heavily involved with the community’s women and is particularly fond amongst brides-to-be who come to her for advice and halacha.

“When we came out here we knew our training from the Kollel would be great, but it also prepared us that no matter what we already knew we always have to be striving to grow” said Reuven, “Rebbe's philosophy of growing into a big person is contagious.  That is basis how I try to live and that is the message that I teach - and it resonates with people on all levels!”

In March 2011, after learning at the Jerusalem Kollel, Rabbi Leib Bolel and his wife Devorah accepted the enormous challenge of changing the face of Des Moines in Iowa.  Situated over 5 hours drive from Chicago, Leib is the Rabbi of the only orthodox Shul in the state.  As such, his responsibilities also include teaching at Federation school, heading the Chevra Kaddisha, and running a college program within different universities.  Together with his wife, Devorahwho runs a packed 'Mommies and Me' weekly activities program, family Bolel is kept very busy!

Taking on such a challenge was a daunting task, but Leib is more than happy where he is, “we are seeing great success - more consistent minyanim in my Shul, popular campus activities and in general, we have seen a great progression in the whole community” said Leib.

Leib went on to say how positively Rav Berkovits had helped him in life, “The way I saw Rav Berkovits address situations in a practical manner affected the way that I address situations for the better” and when asked how he copes all the way in Des Moines, he responded that he does not feel alone, thanks to the Kollel’s excellent website for alumni.  Leib is able to hear Rav Berkovits whenever he wants, on whatever subject he wants.  “I can even hear Rebbe in Des Moines on the same day that he gives shiur in Jerusalem!”


Recent Placements
The Kollel would like to wish Mazel Tov and "hatzlacha" to the following talented Rabbis and their families on their new positions around the world.


* Rabbi Yoel Gold who was appointed as Rav of Aish Manchester (UK)
* Rabbi Michel Lomner who joined the Dallas Kiruv Kollel, DATA

* Rabbi Dovid Pollak who was appointed Assistant Rabbi and Youth DIrector at the Adat Yeshurun Congregation in La Jolla, Sandiego.

* Rabbi Boruch Zuckerman who joined the Aish team in Denver, where he is involved in Outreach and  adult education  

When Torah Jewry lost one of its most precious giants - Rav Nosson Tzvi Finkel, Rav Berkovits immediately stressed to us that each and every individual must confront himself and realize that he is falling short of his potential greatness – we are all guilty of underestimating our capabilities and Hashem demands that we make a significant push forward.  No one likes change, especially when it involves self-exertion.  But if our life goals are to change others for the better, we need to succeed with ourselves first.
by Moishi Atlas

We greatly appreciate your continued support.
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