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The Jerusalem Kollel

We at the Jerusalem Kollel value your friendship and support, and want to share with you some of our events and achievements over the past year... 
Dear Friends,
As we approach the High Holiday season I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have joined in our cause of developing leaders for Jewish communities around the globe.
The season of introspection has us ask ourselves what we see as priorities in our lives and what we have done for the Jewish nation.  I firmly believe that The Jerusalem Kollel is a most appropriate answer to those questions.

May we all be blessed with a wonderful year filled with meaning and success.
 Yitzchak Berkovits

The Smicha Awards
The Kollel once again celebrated Chanuka together with words of Torah, singing and dancing.  “The whole evening was a great success” exclaimed Benjy Morgan who arranged the proceedings.  Of particular note was the Kollel’s choir who sang beautifully, as well as the inspiring words by Rabbi Berkovits to open up the evening.  However, perhaps the highlight of the evening was the Kollel's Smicha Awards, refelcting the  latest exciting development in the Jerusalem Kollel - the introduction of a new Smicha program where the young men of the Kollel are regularly pushed and tested on everything they have learned.  "A level of passion can be seen around the Kollel" describes Rabbi Yossi Stilerman, who has been with the Kollel since its inception, and is the leading force behind this initiative, which immediately received strong backing by Rabbi Berkovits. 

Rabbi Reuven Epstein who received his Smicha at the Chanuka Party was delighted with the new program, "The sense of accomplishment is a feeling like no other" he said “we all know the material so well, it was hard work but we put in the hours”. 
This year has seen the members of the Kollel learn and master Hilchos Shabbos.  The final Smicha Test is due to take place in a number of weeks, and based on the hard work in the Kollel, excellent results are expected.  The next step for the Kollel is to revisit the world of Issur V’heter, and as Eliezer Wolfson puts it “it’s going to be challenging, but that’s why we’re here!”
Jerusalem Kollel Alumni

After a three year cycle at The Jerusalem Kollel, Rabbi Elimelech Blumstein headed for Manhattan to join the very successful JEC (Jewish Enrichment Center) in conjunction with Birthright, which acts as a follow-up program for those returning from the Birthright trips.  Focussing their efforts on young professionals aged 22-32, Elimelech and his wife Faigy who teaches girls in the Center see over 5000 people at JEC events every year.  Whether it is giving well attended classes, learning one-on-one or entertaining guests for Shabbos, Elimelech and his wife have accomplished wonderful things in such a short time. 
When asked what he had gained the most from his time at the Jerusalem Kollel, Elimelech’s response was simply “observing Rabbi Berkovits daily helped me develop an “attitude” that has greatly benefited my everyday life.  It’s not about what I am teaching, it is about how passionate I am for what I am teaching”.

The “Gindi Mission” 

The Kollel was delighted to welcome Alan Gindi and his “Jack E. Gindi Mission” back for another year.  The group spent much of their time in the Kollel getting to grips with some intricate topics of the Talmud as well as hearing from Rabbi Berkovits.  Organised by Rabbi Josh Boretsky and Rabbi Yehonasan Gefen the trip was a great success and we look forward to future Missions in the Kollel.
The Kollel’s doors are open to all our friends from overseas and should you wish to pay a quick visit, or sit down and learn with a group of your friends, you are always welcome.
To arrange a Mission of your own or to just let us know that you’re in town, email Rabbi Josh Boretsky at
Placements 2011
With immense pride we are delighted to have sent out this year alone over twenty talented Rabbis around the world
Morgan, Benjy JLE, London- Young Professional education/outreach.
Halpern, Moshe Berlin Yeshiva, Mashgiach
Handler, Reuven Campus Kiruv, U. of Wisconsin, Madison
Bloom, Tsvi Campus Kiruv, U. of Wisconsin, Madison
Wolbe, Zev Rav and community outreach for Yeshivas Be’er Yitzchock (Elizebeth, NY)
Eden, Daniel JAM, L.A.- Campus Kiruv, USC
Isaacs, Israel Beth Jacob Shul in Phoenix- Assistant Rabbi
Putney, Eli Beth Jacob Shul in Phoenix- Assistant Rabbi
Bollel, Leib Rav- DeMoines in Iowa - Shul/Campus outreach
David, Yitzchak Aish UK- Director of Outreach for the Chazak Program
Epstein, Reuven Assistant Rabbi, Rabbi Nate Siegel’s Shul in Staten Island
Feldman, Elchanon Rav- Bellmont Synagogue in London
Hoch, David Berlin Yeshiva (Rebbi/counselor)
Isaacs, Adiel NCSY/OU- co-founding and director for follow up/university in Israel
Kagan, Yitzchak Menahel- R. Hillel Mandel's school in Clinton, NJ
Lazerus, Eli Washington D.C. Community Kollel
Levin, Yehuda Edmonton Community Kollel-  Outreach

The experience of Elul and the Yomim Noraim is often misunderstood as the time to feel as guilty as possible over our shortcomings. However, we all recognize that guilt alone cannot wipe the slate clean. Real, lasting change and growth will only result from making an honest cheshbon hanefesh; getting in touch with our true potential in order to build towards a brighter future. The purpose of HaShem’s creation and Divine plan for mankind is that we be granted the opportunity to attain the ultimate good - to earn and deserve our right to exist. It is our task to appreciate that life - a real, justified and therefore beautifully meaningful life - is about growth and self-development.  With this in mind, we have to design a genuine plan for the future which we can confidently present to HaShem on Rosh HaShana. 
Rosh Hashana is the celebration of creation; we mark this holy period by creating and re-creating ourselves. We do not necessarily wipe the slate clean…we build a brand new one.
by Eli Burnbaum

Thank you again for your continued support
As a special gift for our friends and donors, the Jerusalem Kollel presents you with
13 Audio classes by Rav Berkovits, 
on Elul, Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur-
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