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Naming Opportunities:
      Dedication of Kollel Building (in Jerusalem) – $2,500,000
      Dedication of the Kollel – $1,500,000
      Dedication of the Women’s Program – $350,000

Sponsorship Opportunities:
      Sponsorship of the Rosh Kollel’s Chair (R’ Yitzchak Berkovits) – $350,000
      Sponsorship of all Kollel couples for one month – $60,000
Full Sponsorship of a Kollel couple – $36,000
      Sponsorship of a Kollel couple (for one year) – $12,000
      Sponsorship of a Kollel couple (for one month) – $1000

Sifria Opportunities:
      Dedication of a section of the Sifrei Kodesh library – $10,000
      Dedication of set of Seforim – any amount 
Donations to the Sifria can be a dedication for a deceased relative.
Names will be inscribed in the Seforim, and the learning will be an Eluyi Neshama.

Other Opportunities:
      Daily kaddish for a deceased relative (for the requisite 11 months) – $1,800
      One day of the Kollel’s learning dedicated to the honor or memory of someone – $3,000

For other opportunities or information, please contact us:
R’ Josh Boretsky: 052-713-4499
R’ Yaakov Blackman: 054-539-8072

Donations may be made out to:
The Jerusalem Kollel
POB 34215
Jerusalem, Israel 9134101

Or in the U.S.:
The Jerusalem Kollel
c/o Dr. Howard Lebowitz
190 Glen Ave. South
Lakewood, NJ 08701